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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Villain and the OTher Villain

So I mentioned Solomon (Formerly Soloman until I decided I may as well correct how I spell his name eventually sob) Webb and Wally Winston.

Right now I'm prioritizing Wally Winston in the Wild Wild West (Comic Pages Above) Because it's far more fresh and not as organized, so I'm hoping by working on it I can get some more ideas. It revolves around the character Wally Winston, a starry eyed desperado looking for adventure. The setting takes place in a world much like ours, that meets with an unexpected message that would change a society for generations to come...
It sounds silly I guess haha, but hopefully it'll be a lot better as I progress!

(The Rise and Fall Of) Solomon Webb is much more, if not completely, fleshed out; I just need to tweak a few aspects and hopefully execute it somewhat well sob.

The story follows the life of a childhood hero and his path through villainy. It's got a beginning, middle, and end, and is something I really hope to complete one day. There's a lot more art of Solomon floating around on my old blog, we well as Saiyan (Green Jacket,) his minor accomplice as well as the other characters. Solomon is one of my favorite characters with an actual story, despite his ridiculous apparel and hair... but that's grown on me.

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  1. Can I just say that I really adore your original characters? *0*;;
    All of them are so well thought out and designed and, well, not exactly the best word choice usage here but, very believable. ~u~