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Monday, April 23, 2012

Error Log: From the Grave

Wow looking back at the last two months I really haven't drawn much! (Other than some stuff on tegakie.)
I've been doing so much painting for school, trying to get as much done as possible when I really want to dick around... and now I want to do Wally Winston, Solomon Webb, and a few other really dorky things umu.

Hopefully I'll expand on these things more in the next month....

and now that everyone's not watching me I can go on and on for hours about nothing sob.


  1. hey V! (that's how people called you on tumblr, right? D=)
    whoa, i'm really glad i got myself a blogspot a while ago! now i can follow you here haha, but it's such a shame you left tumblr. i hope everything's alright with you!!

    i really love your art. and i believe i never told you this through tumblr because there were too many people HAHAHAHAHA, now i can say it!

    i wanted to send you a message, but i honestly don't know how to (lol!). so i just wanted to let you know i really admire you! and good luck with school, hope you get free time soon to draw anything you want again!

    1. ADfa Thank you! And yes calling me V is perfect ;u;! I'm really alright, I feel awful sorry a lot of people have been really worried about me, I didn't really mean anything too hurtful by it. The really large amount of people was actually one reason I left, it was really overwhelming at times and I like a really personal environment. ;m;

      And thank you sob!! I was hoping for my downtime to draw this summer but I just enrolled myself into some summer art classes for the first month of summer, but I know it'll be good for me to take. ;u; BUT AFTER THAT I'M A FREE BIRD HAHAHA....

      And sobsob thank you, it really means a lot for you to come follow me on blogger, I know it's a lot more inconvenient than tumblr, and I really appreciate the support ;m;.

      Thanks so much, and please message me anytime you want! ;c;